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Education and training

Open format
Conducting open training events (seminars, training)
50 000 KZT*
* For each participant

Payment term: 100% prepayment
Conducting training sessions on the declared program
Geography - Russia and CIS
Distance learning
Development and implementation of a distance course based on an individual company request
800000 KZT*
* For one developed course

Payment term: Prepayment from 50%
LMS (Learning Management System) Development and other educational materials
Development of tests and other monitoring and evaluation systems
Geography - Russia and CIS
Work stages
We get your request
Within 3 hours we contact you and discuss the details of the project
We sign the contract
We sign the contract within 24 hours
Course development
It will take us 72 hours to develop a program of training
We will conduct training sessions
We cooperate with business schools
Staff training
Training is a large-scale and extensive process of obtaining new knowledge by employees, mastering new skills and working methods.
Training employees means developing their professional knowledge and skills that will help the company achieve its goals and desired results.
The task of any company is not only to survive, but also to remain competitive as long as possible. The success of a company directly depends on the efficiency of its employees; therefore, staff training is important for many companies. Resorting to staff training you need to proceed from the goals and needs of the company. Having identified them, it will become clear: who, how, when and what to train.
Why do we need staff training?

After training at the expense of the company, the employee has a feeling of concern for him, and, as a result, increased performance, as well as increased efficiency and quality of work, thanks to the application of new knowledge in practice.

- Competence development
New knowledge gives rise to new ideas for the employee, which allows him to develop the ability to make independent decisions, allowing the employee to adjust the operating principle for himself, thus increasing performance.

-Professional distinctiveness
Many professionals must keep up with the status in their profession, are constantly learning something new, otherwise they will lose their qualifications and competitiveness.

-Lack of specialists
Often the need to train employees of the company is dictated by lack of ready-made specialists in the market.

- Company strategy
In some companies staff training is included in the production strategy - the desire to raise their own managerial personnel from scratch can be a serious competitive advantage for the company.
In addition to well-known schools, colleges and universities there are many different forms of education. At present, personal development training and business training are quite common. Besides, offline internet courses and online webinars are gaining popularity.
Our staff training services are divided into three types:
Open format. These are open training events, such as training and seminars, which our consulting group "Staff-Up" conducts in conjunction with the SRC Business School and the Russian School of Management. This training format is suitable for raising the qualifications of specific specialists in the field of personnel management and staffing. Open-class trainings and seminars are aimed at obtaining relevant knowledge and mastering the latest techniques in various aspects of assessment, recruiting, staff motivation, etc.
Corporate training. This format is an individual training event for employees of a particular company, designed specifically for this company and based on the goals, needs and specifics of the company. We are ready to offer a flexible system of tariffs for the development of corporate trainings and seminars, so that you can choose the best option. Conducting training in such a format allows you to get a personalized and customized program, as well as to be independent of the schedule of business schools and select convenient dates for the training.
Distance learning. Convenient format for companies with a large staff, which is constantly being increased by newcomers. Training videos that introduce new employees to the specifics of the company and allow them to outline their responsibilities, significantly increase the onboarding process, which saves time for experienced employees who will not spend it on mentoring and answering numerous questions. In addition, our consulting group "Staff-Up" develops serious and comprehensive distance learning courses for companies distant from the central part of Russia. Live video broadcasts and seminars allow you not to go through the time of traveling and get the latest knowledge and useful skills without leaving home.
If you just started up your business or organized a new department in the company, then, accordingly, you have to deal with employees who have just been hired by the company. They certainly need to be trained in many aspects: knowledge about goods or services, regulations, rules and standards of the company, getting acquainted with colleagues, familiarization with a set of responsibilities for their position. Such training can be conducted by an experienced employee as a mentor, but it is also possible to obtain the necessary knowledge from a short educational video, saving time without having to distract specialists from doing their work.
Is it possible to consider the matter of staff training settled after all new employees have been trained? Not in the least bit. To achieve the desired effect and competitiveness of the company, staff training must become a habit and be conducted on a regular basis. Experienced business coaches who know professional techniques and visual case studies can make learning useful and interesting.
Constant staff training keeps them up, and management always has an objective assessment of the actual level of competence of one or another employee. It is highly qualified specialists who are constantly learning and expanding their knowledge and it is they who are generating real profits for the company and are the foundation of the effectiveness and competitiveness of the company.
The structure of the business consists of their ongoing training, otherwise it will stand still.
The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only competitive advantage that is worth support.
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