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Personnel assessment

360 degrees performance appraisal method
This comprehensive performance appraisal system provides feedback on an employee's performance
collected from a variety of people with whom he interacts regularly. Sources of feedback include the
employee's direct supervisor, peers, customers, vendors and a self-assessment
50 000 KZT*
*For one employee

Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Implementation period: within 7 (seven) days
Geography - Russia and CIS
Assessment center method
The assessment center method is often used in selection procedures to test the suitability of the
candidates. An assessment consists of several tests and practical simulations that are intended to show whether a person is the right fit for a particular position or still performs optimally. In addition, it is assessment of personal and business qualities – competencies through intelligence tests , psychological tests and presentations. Role-playing often is part of an assessment too.
100 000 KZT*
*For one employee

Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Implementation period: from 7 (seven) days
Geography - Russia and CIS
Lominger assessment method
Integrated solutions for staff development based on fundamental, global research
200 000 KZT*
*For one employee

Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Implementation period: from 7 (seven) days
Geography - Russia and CIS
Hogan assessment
Hogan assessments enable us to provide a versatile analysis of the leader's personality in the
workplace. The following assessments predict the leader's potential performance based on his
strengths, weaknesses, values, and problem- solving approaches. Additionally, these assessments
measure his personality characteristics, risk of career derailment, core values, and cognitive style
200 000 KZT*
*For one employee

Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Implementation period: from 7 (seven) days
Geography - Russia and CIS
Work stages
Setting goals and objectives
Setting goals and objectives within 3 business hours
Creating assessment tasks
Creating assessment tasks within 3 working days
Evaluation within 2 working days
We will provide our report and recommendations
We will provide our report and recommendations within 2 working days
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Personnel assessment
Personnel assessment is not just a standard check of an employee's existing qualifications, but also the identification of his strengths and weaknesses in order to use the results already available for further cooperation. After all, each employee is constantly changing his knowledge and skills, gaining constant practical experience. So, it all means that he can be given other more complicated tasks.
In other words, personnel assessment is a comprehensive method of studying the labor process, aimed at identifying not only the employee job suitability, but also the existing potential of an individual employee for the rational use of his skills for the benefit of the company.
It is also very important when the employee assesses himself, because his self assessment not only affects his performance, but also impacts on the whole team's performance.
Thanks to personnel assessment the risk of decisions is reduced when recruiting and reshuffling staff. It is easier to determine the area of underperformance and development of each employee for the most qualitative performance of the tasks in hand.
In addition, you will provide opportunities for career development plan and promotion within your company for your employees, as well as diagnose the potential of your team members. And in the end you will be able to create a specific development trajectory for the entire company.
What are the objectives of personnel assessment?
The ratio of costs and salaries paid to the employee or whether it is beneficial to keep him in the company.
Identification of the real potential of employees or is it possible to nominate someone for a managerial position without having to bear the recruitment and training costs.
As well as finding a functional role or is an employee a team player, or will do good working on his own.
The assessment process solves many problems. These tasks will help to reduce staff recruiting costs, because after the assessment, the company will reach a pool of candidates. After that, there will be an opportunity to upgrade some employees' skills or change the profile of some employees and eventually get new line managers. Based on the results obtained, it will be possible to rationally distribute responsibilities and develop an organizational structure. And of course there will be additional motivation coming from employees to get their skills upgraded, which means the implementation of their own projects for the benefit of the entire company.
After any assessment is conducted you have to uphold: "First, do no harm" rule. There is nothing worse than an ill-considered management decision after the assessment. Unlike the actions related to finances or equipment, when there is an opportunity to correct a mistake, the actions connected with people are irreversible.
The greatest harm in the personnel assessment is done when there's no personnel assessment. Inaction is no less dangerous than ill-considered action. Each leader should remember that evaluating his subordinate performance is a mandatory component of his managerial activity.
The benefits of personnel assessment conducted by a recruitment agency:
- Unbiased assessment of candidates
- Availability of various assessment methods
- The best major experts
- Development tips after assessment is conducted and providing effective feedback
It is important to know all the best qualities and weaknesses of your employees for business development and profit making, because the company's future depends on how the company is operating today.
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