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Personnel selection

Search and selection of personnel of key and rare specialty and the level of professionalism
From 15%*
*Of the employee's annual income
Payment term: Prepayment from 30 %
Guarantee period: from 6 months
Implementation period: within 30 days
Geography - Russia and CIS
Selection of sales promoters
Search and selection of sales promoters and representatives at B2B and B2C sales markets
400 000 KZT*
*For each hired employee
Payment term: Prepayment 20%
Guarantee period: 1 (one) month
Implementation period: within 7 (seven) days
Geography - Russia and CIS
Staff recruitment stages
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Executive search
Executive search is a focused work on attracting candidates having the qualities and skills necessary to apply for a job in an organization which needs employees for the current and longterm projects. This may be a one-time mass hiring, or it may be a long search, headhunting a unique employee. In other words, it is the search, assessment and hiring people who can and want to work and who possess the necessary competencies, knowledge and share the company's core values.
Selection of qualified personnel is the first thing that the leader of the new organization has to do. Staff recruitment is also relevant for an existing company, if the business has stagnated or there are company's growth prospects. The quality of work suffers from a shortage of personnel, the volume of output or sales is reduced, an overwhelmed with work team, as a result, some team members are forced to work long hours and they may reach the point of occupational burnout and may not feel motivated to do their work.
High-quality staff recruitment:
- increases the company's profit;
- increases labor productivity;
- allows the company to develop.
Unprofessional approach to hiring employees is fraught with work completion time disruptions, a decrease in company revenues, business process turbulences. Ultimately, you will have to return to the starting point - start a search and spend money and time on the selection of new employees.
Over the past decade, recruiting has become an actively developing sector of the economy. Recruitment agencies are constantly updating databases, conducting candidates search in accordance with the client tasks and to do this they are using different sources - career sites, conferences, professional communities, business networking.
In some situations, you can use the recommendations of co-workers who are looking for a position for their friend or relative. In other cases, a multi-day search for a dedicated specialist is required through specialized recruitment agencies and other requiring payment leads. Recruitment companies are the most efficient method.
Advantages of working with a recruitment agency:
Huge database in various industries and professions
Profound knowledge and understanding of the industry in which recruitment is conducted
Professional and comprehensive approach to staff recruitment
Conducting detailed employment reference checks
Guarantee policy - a free of charge replacement of the candidate if he did not meet the employer's requirements or he himself turned down a job in the company
A sound organizational structure is impossible without specific participants in the process. And effective HRM is the main source of long-term prosperity of the company.
Building a strong team is the most profitable and promising investment of funds for any company: it is unwise and does not make economic sense to save on the personnel issue.
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